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ICPAM 2015 Poster

Designed by Hakan TOR


Abstract Submission: August 10, 2020
Notification of Acceptance: August 15, 2020
Registration: August 20, 2020


Past Conference

ICPAM 2015
ICPAM - Van 2018


The names of our speakers and the titles of their speeches made at our conference are as follows. In addition to these speakers, we had online guests at our conference organized online this year.
(Last Update: 7.9.2020)

# First Name Last Name Title
186 Harun Selvitopi Finite element solution of MHD flow in a T-Junction
185 Ahmet Zahid Küçük On the Chebyshev-s polynomials and their matrix form
184 Mohd Qasim Rate of approximation for modified Lupaş-Jain-Beta operators
183 Cemil Tunç On the qualitative criteria for integro-differential equations with Caputo fractional derivative and constant delays
182 Kasım Mansız A note on the Ψ-stability of solutions of Volterra integro-differential equations
180 Abdullah Aydın The statistical convergence in Riesz spaces
179 Nazan Akdoğan Odd automorphisms of the Grassmann algebra
178 Bülent Karakaş Markov matrices on the set of polytopes
177 Uğur Gözütok Detecting affine equivalences of ruled algebraic surfaces using differential invariants
176 Volkan Ala An application of improved Bernoulli sub-equation function method to the nonlinear conformable time-fractional equation
175 Yasemin Sağıroğlu Detecting equivalences of hypersurfaces using differential invariants
174 Hüsnü Anıl Çoban Similarity detection of algebraic plane curves using invariants
173 Nazlı Yazıcı Gözütok Maps corresponding to Gamma_0(N) for a non-transitive action of the normalizer
171 Tufan Özdin Regularity conditions for endomorphism rings of Leavitt path algebras
170 Ümit Çakan A mathematical SVEIR model considered the effect of different vaccination rate to subcompartments of susceptibles
169 Veysel Kılınç On an initial and nonlocal integral boundary condition for a mixed type equation
166 Feride Tuğrul Evaluating the factors affecting success of students with the intuitionistic fuzzy PROMETHEE method
165 Gamze Güven Comparison of the performances of the fiducial-based tests using M and MML estimators in one-way ANOVA
164 Rabia Çakan Akpınar A new interpretation of horizontal lifts on cotangent bundles
163 Alessandro Bariero Goodman and Kruskal's gamma coefficient for ordinalized bivariate distributions
162 Rıdvan Yaprak Trans_maxima; A maxima package for analytical solution of one dimensional linear system of transport equations
161 Murat Düz Solution of Duffing equation with Fourier decomposition method
158 Melek Gözen On the exponential stability of delay neutral equations wıth periodic coefficients
157 Fatma Ayça Çetinkaya Some results on a second order conformable dynamic operator on time scales
156 Merve Yeşilyurt Some remarks on triangular norms on bounded lattices
155 Özlem Deniz Some characterizations on totally η-umbilical real hypersurfaces of a complex space form
154 Ayşe Yavuz Taşcı On Z-symmetric manifold admitting projective curvature tensor
153 Engin Can Using the curve fitting method to estimate the peak value of the COVID-19 pandemic with applications
152 Soner Aydınlık An efficient numerical method for solving nonlinear singular boundary value problems arising in various physical models
151 Halik Anaç The numerical soluitons of the time-fractional partial differential equations by natural transform decomposition method
150 Musa Çakmak Some new inequalities for n-polynomial convex functions and applications
149 Emrah Korkmaz The number of m-nilpotent elements in nilpotent subsemigroup of Catalan monoid
143 Yılmaz Durgun The proper class generated injectively by socle-free modules
142 İsmail Aslan $N$-dimensional $\varphi$-Variation of Nonlinear Discrete Operators
140 İrem Akbulut Arık On the qualitative properties of solutions of certain neutral equations
139 Muhammet Cihat Dağlı Several relations on certain Hardy sums and two-term exponential sum
138 Kirill Lapin Krasnoselsky canonical domains, Lyapunov functions, and the existence of Poisson bounded solutions
137 Cahit Dede New results on borderenergetic graphs
135 Zeynep Kayar Unification of Hardy-Copson type inequalities to time scale diamond alpha calculus
133 Osman Tunç On the qualitative analysis of solutions of Volterra integro-differential equations with innite delay
130 Muzaffer Ateş A new paradigm on the stability of second order dynamical systems
129 Engin Şenel On the automorphisms of generalized algebraic geometry codes
128 Turgut Hanoymak A novel NTRU-like public key encryption scheme over group rings
126 Emel Aslankayayiğit Uğurlu On generalizations of r-ideals of commutative rings
125 Mustafa Kerem Yüksel Dynamic implications of persistence in status concern
122 Pınar Şaşmaz On Contra we*-continuous functions
121 Emel Biçer Ulam type stability for third order noncanonical equations with deviating argument
118 Begüm Özmusul Learning difficulties in limit primary mathematics teachers candidates
115 Nagehan Alsoy-Akgün Numerical simulation of two-dimensional sine-Gordon equation using the dual reciprocity boundary element method
114 Nazia Urus Well ordered monotoneiterative technique for a class of 2nd order nonlinear 4-point Neumann BVPs
112 Sheerin Khayenat Mickens' type exact and nonstandard finite difference schemes for the generalized version of diffusion reaction equation
111 İsmail Hakkı Denizler An Artinian analogue of the Noetherian result on dimension of Noetherian modules
110 Cesim Temel Hybrid Fixed Point Theorems for the Multi-valued Operators in WC-Banach Algebras
109 Hasan Altınbaş V3 helices in the 5-dimensional Euclidean space
108 Ali Hakan Tor Some numerical results on the software HANSO
107 Bahar Arslan Condition number of a condition number for the structured matrices
103 Şevket Uncu An approximate method for a delay differential equation with layer behavior
102 Erkan Çimen Numerical solution of the integro-differential equation containing boundary layer
100 Hakan Şimşek Similar and self-similar null Cartan curves in Minkowski-Lorentzian spaces
97 Najwa Mustafa On solving nonlinear Fredholm integral equation with optimization
95 Yılmaz Ekinci A numerical approach for solving singularly perturbed neutral type delay differential problem
94 Gven Kaya Bifurcation analysis of a discrete population model with conformable fractional derivative
93 Ayşe Canan Natural mates of Frenet curves in a three dimensional Lie group
89 Necat Görentaş On generalized covering spaces and monodromy groups
84 Fethiye Müge Sakar Maclaurin coefficient bounds for a subclass of bi-univalent 
81 Awais Younus On discrete convex optimization of interval valued functions
73 Erdal Korkmaz $ L^P $- solutions integro-differential equations with singuler nonlinear kernels
70 Baransel Güneş A New Numerical Approach For Solving Nonlinear Volterra Integro Differential Equation
65 Hülya Bağdatlı Yılmaz Generalized Einstein tensor for an almost pseudo-Ricci symmetric manifold
64 Raja'A Al-Naimi On Toeplitz operators with Poly-quasihomogenous symbols
63 Manal Al-Labadi Geodetic Number Of Circulant Graphs Cn({1; 3})
61 Sadik Eyidoğlu Notes on the Hewitt realcompactification of an orbit space
56 Muhammad Saqir Aliyu Analysis of mean time to failure of four series parallel systems with mixed standby units
55 Yavuz Dinç Lower bounds for blow up time of p-Laplacian equation with damping term
54 Musa Çakır Second order numerical method for the singularly perturbed Fredholm integro-differential problem with zeroth order reduced equation
46 Samet Sarıoğlan Freeness of generalized spline modules over polynomial rings
45 Yasemin Işık Invariant differential operators of the group SO(3,2)
43 Selma Altınok Generalized Spline and Its Algebraic Structure
40 Ece Güneş Variational iteration method for solving the linear 3D Schrödinger equation
35 Hazal Yüksekkaya Blow-up of solutions for a logarithmic quasilinear hyperbolic equation with delay term
30 Abdullah Yiğit On the asymptotic stability of a nonlinear system with multiple delays
23 Ömer Küsmüş G-radical units in commutative group rings
20 Umar

Magaji Alhaji

Mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS and its associated factors in Jigawa State Nigeria. A generalized linear spatial modelling approach

15 Ramazan Yazgan

On the periodic solutions for a class of nonlinear n-th order differential equation with mixed delays

11 Emmanuel


Unsteady heat and mass transfer magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) convective Couette flow with thermal radiation using Finite Element Method (FEM)

3 Ceren Gürbüz

Analysis of the difficulties faced by 6th and 7th grade students in the circle sub-learning area teaching process through metaphor

2 Kübra Alan

Reasons for students preparing for university examination willing to choose mathematics teaching

1 Süleyman Ediz

Ev-degree and ve-degree molecular topological properties of silicon carbide structures


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