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Abstract Submission: July 1, 2018
Notification of Acceptance: July 15, 2018
Early Registration: June 1, 2018
                               June 15, 2018
Registration: August 1, 2018
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ICPAM 2015


The process evaluation of abstract is completed. Last Update: September 10, 2018.
# First Name Last Name Title
181 Zeynep Sevinç On a new type of q-Baskakov-Kantorovich operators
180 Zeynep Kayar A novel Lyapunov type inequality for quasilinear impulsive systems
179 Hakkı Güngör Regularization of inverse coefficient determination problem in a hyperbolic problem
178 Rabia Nagehan Üregen On uniformly pr-ideals in commutative rings
177 Tanfer Tanrıverdi Schrödinger equation with potential vanishing exponentially fast
176 Esra Erkan The theory of Bèzier curves in R^4
175 Waleed S. Khedr Reduction of Navier-Stokes equation to a linear equation
174 Bülent Saraç Rings without a middle class: past and recent
173 Harun Çiçek Approximation by modified bivariate Bernstein-Durrmeyer operators on a triangular region
172 Elena Bespalova Quasilinearization method in problems of the subcritical deformation of flexible shell systems
171 Süleyman Şenyurt Curves and Ruled Surfaces According to Alternative Frame in Dual Space
170 Mohanad Alaloush On the blow-up of solutions for a stochastic Camassa-Holm equation
169 Vahid Roomi Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of Generalized Lienard System
168 Luiz Guerreiro Lopes Ehrlich-Aberth's type method with King's correction for the simultaneous approximation of polynomial zeros
167 Akram Chehrazi Mathematical aspects of quantum cryptography
166 Nuray Öktem An efficient TVD-WAF scheme application for the 2D shallow water equations on unstructured meshes
165 Bulent Karakaş The relations among the planar fourbar linkages and the spherical fourbar linkages
164 Şenay Baydaş On mechanisms in three-dimensional Minkowski space
163 Canan Bozkaya MHD natural convection flow in a porous cavity
162 Sumeyra Ucar Canonical finite Blaschke products and decomposibility
161 Onur Saldir A numerical approach for time-fractional Kawahara equation with reproducing kernel method
160* Ecem Acar On approximation by generalized Bernstein-Durrmeyer operators
159 Turgut Hanoymak On mathematical aspects of blockchain architecture
158 Ugur Duran A note on $q$-Fubini polynomials
157 Zohra Bouteffal Darboux problem of partial fractional differential equations in Fréchet spaces
156 Necati Erdoğan Statistical analysis of wind speed data with some distributions
155 Asuman Yılmaz Statistical inference for the inverse Weibull distribution
154 Mustafa Telci Caristi type related fixed point theorems in two metric spaces
153 Mehmet Giyas Sakar Reproducing kernel method with Bernstein polynomials for fractional boundary value problems
152 Guzide Senel Some convergences in metric spaces
151 Elham Sefidgar A Chebyshev collocation method for solving coupled system of linear fractional differential and algebraic equations
150 Nisar Lone An interplay between Riemann integrability and weak*-continuity
149 Hatice Taşkesen Blow up of solutions for a stochastic Klein-Gordon equation
148* Sara Litimein Existence and controllability results for fractional integro-differential inclusions with state-dependent delay
147 Merve Atasever On the structure of Ricci solitons on gradient Einstein-type manifolds
146 Emek Demirci Akarsu Random process generated by the short incomplete Gauss sums
145 Ahmad Khojali A note on the annihilator of certain local cohomology modules
144 Ramazan Kama On some vector valued multiplier spaces obtained by Zweir matrix method
142 Tuba Güleşce Tatlı Multi-party key exchange protocol and man in the middle attack
141 Sinem Güler Lorentzian homogeneous generalized Ricci solitons of dimension n≥3
140 Asghar Ahmadkhanlu Existence of positive solutions for a singular fractional boundary value problem
139 Oguz Ogur A note on superposition operators in Fibonacci sequence spaces l_p(F)
138 Ramazan Yazgan On the weighted pseudo almost periodic solutions of nonlinear functional Nicholson's blowflies equations
136 Sultan Erdur On the existence of periodic solutions of third order nonlinear differential equations with multiple delays
135 İrem Akbulut Analysis of behaviors of solutions of Volterra integro-differential equations
134 Evrim Akalan Strongly graded rings over hereditary Noetherian prime rings
133 Mahmut Karakuş Λ-matrix as a summability operator and completeness of certain normed spaces via weakly unconditionally Cauchy series
132 Murat Polat Semi-tensor bundle and the vertical lift of tensor fields
131 Qais Mustafa Abdulqader Forecasting Iraq's oil exports by using wavelet analysis: Application on real data
130 Mohammad Reza Jabbarzadeh Conditional expectation operators on measurable function spaces
129 Hande Günay Akdemir Simulation studies for credibility-based multi-objective programming problems with fuzzy parameters
128 Cansu Cengiz Extortion strategies in non-symetric iterated Prisoner's Dilemma
127 Osman Tunç A note on certain qualitative properties of solutions in Volterra integro-differential equations
126 Mohammad Bagher Kazemi Invariant submanifolds of statistical Kenmotsu manifolds and their curvatures
125 Sizar Mohammed Analysis of behaviors of solutions of Volterra integro-differential equations
124 Derya Altıntan Inference algorithms for jump-diffusion approximations of multi-scale processes
123 Adel Kazemi Piledaraq Total dominator coloring of a graph
122 Bahar Kalkan Inverse kinematics computation for a 6-DOF articulated robot arm using conformal geometric algebra
121 Güler Gürpınar Arsan Generalized concircular mappings of quasi-Einstein-Weyl manifolds
120 Gülçin Çivi Bilir Geodesic mappings of Einstein Weyl spaces
119 Şamil Akçağıl Relations between some well known methods with the projective Riccati equations
118 Ömer Küsmüş Idempotent unit group in commutative group rings of direct products
117 İsmail Hakkı Denizler An analogue of the Artin-Rees Lemma for Artinian modules
116 Şule Yüksel Güngör Approximation by summation-integral type operators involving Brenke polynomials
115 Tuğba Şenlik Çerdik Existence of positive solutions for boundary value problems of nonlinear fractional differential equations
114 Gokhan Soydan Elliptic curves containing sequences of consecutive cubes
113 Emel Biçer Fixed point theory and stability of a delay differential equation with multiple delays
112 Reşat Aslan Approximation by bivariate Bernstein-Kantorovich operators on a triangular domain
111 Fulya Yörük Deren Existence of solutions for a system of coupled fractional boundary value problems
110 Naser Zamani Asymptotic results in graded generalized local cohomology
109 Vedat Dörma Kinematics of 4R and 2RPR mechanisms in Clifford algebra
108 Fatma Tutar Galois theory and palindromic polynomials
107 Derya Arslan Second-order difference approximation for nonlocal boundary value problem with boundary layers
106 Ceyda Yilmaz Luzum Bezier curves on some surfaces
105 Mehdi Jalalvand A fast numerical approach for solving variable order fractional PDEs
104 Seda İğret Araz On numerical solution of an optimal control problem involving hyperbolic equation
103 Murat Sultanov Numerical solution of the nonlinear inverse gravimetry problem by the BiCGSTAB method
102 Mustafa Özel Norm inequalities for Fan product of matrices
101 Saudamini Nayak Isoclinism in Lie superalgebras
100 Yasin Kaya The maximal function in Sobolev spaces
99 Hüseyin Işık A new class of set-valued contractions and related results
98 Mohammad Reza Motallebi Direct sum of neighborhoods in locally convex cones
97 Fatih Tugrul On the orbit surface of two parameter motion
96 Selçuk Baş Roller coaster surface according to modified orthogonal frame in Euclidean space
95 Fatih Coşkun On the cubic nonlinear Shrodinger's equation with repulsive delta potential
94 Zeliha Körpınar On numerical solutions for fractional (1+1)-dimensional Biswas-Milovic equation
93 Talat Körpınar On inextensible flow with Schrödinger flow
92 Parastoo Reihani Identification of an unknown coefficient in an inverse parabolic equation
91 Morteza Garshasbi An inverse problem arising from mathematical modelling of evolution of cancer cells
90 Seema Kushwaha Pell's equation : A revisit through F_1,2-continued fractions
89 Snigdha Choudhury A correspondence between S-colocalization and Adams cocompletion
88 İlkay Yaslan Karaca Existence of positive solutions for second order impulsive boundary value problems on the half-line
85 Umit Sarp Some applications about Mobius function
84* Abbas Najati Stabilty of functional equations on bounded domains in R^n
83 Jafar Azami Reduction and coreduction of modules
82 Ridvan Cem Demirkol A new approach to a bending energy of elastica for space curves in De-Sitter space
80* Rabah Bououden On the influence of the density function of Lozi map on the chaotic optimization algorithm
79 Ramazan Ozarslan Singular eigenvalue problems via Hilfer derivative
78 F. Ayca Cetinkaya Spectral properties of a q-fractional boundary value problem
77 Soukaina Ouarab Some characteristic properties of ruled surface with Darboux frame in Euclidean 3-space
76* Mohammed-Salah Abdelouahab On Caputo and Riemann-Liouville fractional-order derivatives with fixed memory length
75 Elif Ertem Akbaş Misconceptions regarding representativeness in probability subject of high school students: Van case
74 Ferit Gürbüz Fractional type sublinear operators with rough kernel on variable exponent vanishing generalized Morrey type spaces
73 Cesim Temel Krasnoselskii fixed point theorem for singlevalued operators and multivalued operators
72 Leyla Bugay A general approach to find generating sets of certain finite subsemigroups of symmetric inverse semigroup
71 Ali Zohri On a weak condition for compactness of operators
70 Muhammad Adeel Global optimal solutions for Ciric type proximal contractions with application to matrix equations
69 Chih-Wen Weng A conjecture on the spectral radius of a bipartite graph
67 Kazem Haghnejad Azar Some notes on the order-to-topology continuous operators
66 Awais Younus Input distinguishability of linear dynamic control systems
65 Swati Tyagi Existence of solutions of fractional-order neural network with proportional delay
64 Sanem Sehrianoglu Estimation of parameters of Gumbel distribution data
63 Erdal Korkmaz Sufficient conditions for global asymptotic stability of neural networks with time-varying delays
62 Hakan Tor An optimality condition for non-smooth convex problems via *-subgradient
61 Abdulgani Şahin Jones polynomial for graphs of twist knots
60 Muhammad Rizwan Quantum tunneling from Kerr-Newman black hole
59 Özkan Atan Synchronization control of two chaotic systems via a novel fuzzy control method
58 Fatih Kutlu Review on fuzzy thermal image processing applications
57 Hülya Gültekin Çitil The eigenvalues and the eigenfunctions of the fuzzy boundary value problem found the eigenvalue parameter in the boundary condition
56 Azhar Hussain Best proximity point results of generalized almost contraction
55 Şenol Kubilay Clay transition (dehydration, dehydroxylation and decarbonylation) kinetics by DTA
54 Nagehan Alsoy-Akgün Numerical study of nanofluids under DDMC in a lid driven cavity
53 Syed Bokhary Chromatic polynomial and chromatic uniqueness of necklace graph
51 Feride Tuğrul On temporal intuitionistic fuzzy De Morgan triplets
50 Viktor Sergeevich Denysenko Algorithm for the stabilization of affine periodic impulsive systems
49 Abdullah Yigit On the exponential stability in nonlinear neutral differential equations
48 Yener Altun On the global exponential stability of nonlinear neutral differential equations with time-varying delays
47 Ali Demirci Applicability of regression analysis on the oxygen enriched combustion of Kutahya- Tuncbilek lignite
46 Hanzade Haykırı Açma Applicability of regression analysis on the oxygen enriched combustion of Adiyaman- Golbasi lignite
45 Ozgur Aydogmus Approximating the stochastic evolution via difference equations
44 Cemil Tunç Instability in nonlinear functional differential equations of higher order
43 Rezvan Varmazyar On 2-absorbing ideals
42 Alireza Khalili Golmankhaneh Solving fractal differential equations with Lie methods
41 Murat Bekar Some algebraic properties of elliptic biquaternions
40 Sedat Temel Crossed modules of group-groupoids and double group-groupoids
39 Zeki Yalçınkaya Studying the kinetic parameters and mechanism of the thermal decomposition (dehydration, dehydroxylation and decarbonylation) of some clays using TG traces
38 Fatma Ekinci Blow up of solutions for a quasilinear Kirchhoff-type wave equations with degenerate damping terms
37 Hayriye Esra Akyüz Approximate confidence interval based on winsorized mean for the coefficient of variation of positively skewed populations
36 Okkes Ozturk Obtaining solutions of Gegenbauer equation by ∇-discrete fractional calculus operator
35 Ferit Gürbüz Higher order commutators with rough kernels on vanishing generalized weighted Morrey spaces
34 Hatice Kuşak Samanci Investigating a quadratic Bezier curve according to N-Bishop frame
33 Emine Atici Endes A non-local model for E and N cadherin-dependent cell-cell adhesion
32 Taha Yasin Ozturk Bipolar soft points and their properties
31 Melek Gözen New exponential stability criteria for certain neutral differential equations with interval discrete and distributed time-varying delays
30 Mohsen Ghasemi Groups whose codegree graphs have no ‎triangle‎‎
26 Mehmet Akif Akyol Some properties of conformal generic submersions
25 Sinem Onaran On contact surgeries and a counterexample
24 Derya Deniz Some properties of sequence class S^{β}(Δ,F,f) defined by a modulus function
23 Mithat Kasap Strongly Cesaro summability of order β with respect to a modulus function
22 Mehmet Korkmaz The general formula of regression sum of squares in multiple linear regression
21 Erdogan Şen Generalized class of boundary value problems with a constant retarded argument
20 Abdussamet Çalışkan Dual pole indicatrix curve and surface
19 Serdal Yazıcı A new generalization of Szàsz operators and their approximation properties
18* Filiz Kanbay A fuzzy methodology on surface representation of greenhouse gas estimation
17 Khalil Ur Rehman New Lie group of transformation for the non-Newtonian fluid flow narrating differential equations
16 Eda Günaydın On the kink type and singular solitons solutions to the nonlinear partial differential equation
15 Tolga Aktürk Modified expansion function method to the nonlinear problem
10 Bahya Roummani Solution sets for impulsive functional differential inclusions on unbounded domain
8 Mehmet Şerif Aldemir On stratified domination and Zagreb indices
7 Serap Şahinkaya Kernel stable and uniquely generated modules
6 Tulay Yildirim Characterization of regular morphisms in terms of abelian categories
5* Chaouchi Belkacem A remark on a hyperbolic problem set on a singular cylindrical domain
4 Abdalla Khdir Abdalla Manguri On eccentricity based indices of generalized Petersen graphs
3 Süleyman Ediz On ve-degrees in direct and strong products of two graphs
2 Murat Cancan On ve-degrees in cartesian product of two graphs
*Which will be poster presentation.


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