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Abstract Submission:May 10, 2022 June 5, 2022
Notification of Acceptance: May 15, 2022 June 10, 2022
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The works listed below are those that have been accepted for presentation at the conference. Works can be collaborative work of more than one author, the name that corresponds to each work indicates who will present it. When the conference program is announced, you will have access to the abstracts of the works and the full list of authors.

(Last Update: 21.06.2022)

# First Name Last Name Title
136 Şehmus Fındık

On Automorphisms of Symmetric Polynomials of Noncommutative Algebras

135 Seda İğret Araz

Applications of the piecewise derivative to real-world problems

134 Mehmet Gıyas Sakar

A New Method for Variable Order Fractional Volterra-Fredholm Integro-Differential Equations

132 Seyed Zeynal Pashaei

Topological group and small loop transfer space

131 Nurten Kılıç

On oscillation of solutions of advanced differential equations

130 Mustafa Kerem Yüksel

Hopf Bifurcations in a Model of Epidemic Awareness

129 Hayri Topal

Weighted composition operators on weighted spaces of holomorphic functions on Banach spaces

128 Büşranur Şeran

Numerical Ranges of Operators on Some Spaces

127 Ömer Küsmüş

A Note on Nilpotent Units in Commutative Group Rings of Direct Product Groups

126 Akram Chehrazi

An Overview of Twistor Theory

125 Gülistan Kaya Gök

Different Bounds For Degree Kirchhoff Index

124 Zineb Arab

On some stochastic time-fractional integral equations

123 Ramazan Yazgan

Analysis of Global Exponential Stability and Pseudo Almost Periodic Solution of a Class of Chaotic Neural Networks on Time Scales

122 Figen Eryılmaz

Cofinitely ss-lifting modules

104 Rabia Güleryüz

Introduction to Grey Methods

121 Murat Luzum

On semicommutative rings in term of nilpotent elements

120 Halil İbrahim Yoldaş

On the geometry of Ricci solitons

119 Tufan Özdin

The minus partial order on endomorphism rings

118 İsmail Hakkı Denizler

Artinian analogues of some Noetherian modules over complete semi-local commutative Noetherian rings

117 Mohammad Namegoshayfard

On commutant hypercyclicity and commutant transitivity of some operators

116 Murat Bodur

Integral Modification of Lupaş Type Operators

115 Ceyda Yılmaz Luzum

Bezier Curves Belonging To Some Surfaces

114 Seyit Koca

A C1 Approximation on Differential Inclusions

113 Zubeyir Çınkır

Explicit and Recursive Formulas for Kirchhoff Index of Graphs via Integer Sequences such as Generalized Fibonacci Numbers

112 Cennet Türkoğlu

Some New Sequence Spaces Derived by the Composition of Weighted Mean and Quadruple Band Matrix

111 Redouane Kelthoum Lina

Cubic B-Spline Collocation Technique for Time-Dependent Problems with Small Perturbation Parameter

110 Zineb Laouar

On the Numerical Solution of the Fractional Integro-Differential Equation using Shifted Chebyshev Polynomials of the Third Kind

108 Nihal Demir

Lacunary Statistical Convergence of Multiset Sequences

107 Hafize Gümüş

A Generalized Form Of ρ-Statistical Convergence Of Interval numbers

106 Feriha Gurmen

Conservation laws in terms of variational symmetries via Noether's theorem

105 Cemil Tunç

Enhanced new qualitative criteria to delay fractional integro- differential equations with Caputo derivative

103 Sinem Şimşek

A Block Conjugate Gradient Method for Linear Positive Definite Quaternion Matrix Equations

85 Hülya Acar

Stability analysis for high-order Volterra delay integro-differential equation

102 İsa Timurtaş

On Spherical Inversions in a Space Induced By a Catalan Solid

101 Gökçen Çekiç

Bifurcation Scheme of Multi-Layer Flows on Various Wave Velocities

100 Cansu Evcin

Optimal Control on the MHD Mixed Convection Flow with Transverse Magnetic Field

99 İlhan İçen

Every Gobal Action Defines a Local Equivalence Relation

98 Abdullah Fatih Özcan

Topological Group-Groupoids

97 Ferit Yalaz

New Continuity Types via Local Closure Function

96 Harun Biçer

Mahgoub Transform Method in Stability Research

95 Şerife Tekin

On Maki’s $\Lambda$-sets via strong $\beta$-$I$-open set

94 Ergül Türkmen

Wsa-coinjective modules

93 Özge Dalmanoğlu

Approximation properties of a generalization of Szász-Beta operators

92 Ruhi Yalçın

A new characterization of reflexive rings and their applications

91 Sibel Doğru Akgül

New Oscillation/ Nonoscillation Criteria for Impulsive Differential Equations with Discontinuous Solutions

90 Ayfer Çete

On a Solvable System of Difference Equations with Constant Coefficients

89 Nimet Coşkun

Spectral singularities of the Sturm-Liouville equations with a non-standard density function

88 Reha Yapalı

On statistical convergence for triple sequences on L-fuzzy normed space

87 Kasım Mansız

On the behavior of solutions of Caputo fractional integro-differential equations with multiple variable delays

86 Ilham Hassi

The detour index of graph products

84 Sibel Cansu

Divided domains satisfy the weakly radical formula

83 Mustafa Coşkun

Eigen gaps to decide on graph convolutional network architecture

82 Zeynep Can

A note on some spaces induced by convex polyhedra and their isometry groups

81 Burcu Nişancı Türkmen

Injective modules ss-lifting in r-mod

76 Aygül Bilgin

A first countable Hausdorff topology induced by a quasi-uniformity

80 Boutheina Fellahi

A logarithmic barrier interior point method for linear programming

79 Kübra Gül

On the Perrin hybrid quaternions

25 Asghar Rahimi

Multipliers of frames and woven frames in Hilbert spaces

78 Ömer Aktaş

On Solutions of Three-Dimensional System of Difference Equations

77 Beyaz Başak Eskişehirli

An operator-theoretic setting of singly-generated invariant subspaces in the polydisc

75 Berna Arslan

Stability of Jordan k-Derivations on Γ-Banach Algebras

74 Okan Arslan

On the Source of Semi-Primeness of Γ-Rings

73 Nagehan Akgün

The Use of Dual Reciprocity Boundary Element Method for Solving the Coupled Nonlinear Sine-Gordon Equations

72 Süleyman Cengizci

Stabilized finite element simulations of Dam-brake problem

71 Ali Hamidoğlu

On designing discrete-time games from continuous-time models

29 Baransel Güneş

A fully discrete scheme for singularly perturbed semilinear integro-differential equations with two integral boundary conditions

70 Ali Hakan Tor

Benchmarking for Nonsmooth Convex Optimization Methods

69 Şahap Çetin

Quasilinearization Method For a Generalized Initial-Value Problem on the Time Scale

68 Nurullah Yılmaz

An Exact Penalty Function Approach for Inequality Constrained Optimization Problems Based on a New Smoothing Technique

67 Ceyda Demirel

The Nabla z-Transform

66 Sare Buse Ersu

On Stability of Linear Difference Systems

65 Amel Hioual

On Fractional Variable-order Neural Networks based on the Caputo Derivative

64 Zozan Oktan

A new result on the asymptotic stability of a stochastic delay differential equation of the second order

40 Garvita Agrawal

Properties of Generalized Fibonacci and Lucas Polynomials

63 Sultan Erdur

Stability, Boundedness and Existence of Periodic Solutions of Some Fourth Order Non-linear Differential Equations with Multiple Delays

62 Merve Şengün

On the Hyers-Ulam stability of nonlinear Volterra integro-differential equation with the multiple constant delays

61 İrem Arık

On the existence of positive periodic solutions of nonlinear neutral differential equations

60 Melek Gözen

New Qualitative Criteria to Certain Vector Differential Equations of Second Order

59 Merve Yücel

Approximate Solution of the Transmission Problem via Transform Method

58 Cahit Dede

New Infinite Classes of Laplacian Borderenergetic Graphs

32 Abdullah Yiğit

Improved New Results on the Asymptotic Admissibility of Nonlinear Singular Systems with Multiple Delays

35 Jasbir Singh Manhas

Boundedness of Sum of Generalized Weighted Composition Operators Between Weighted Spaces of Analytic Functions

33 Sanda Micula

A Superconvergent Collocation Method for Two-Dimensional Hammerstein Integral Equations

31 Mine Sarıgül

New oscillation criteria for odd-order neutral differential equations with distributed deviating arguments

39 Gopal Yadav

Complex Valued Controlled Fuzzy Metric Spaces and Some Common Fixed Point Results

57 Erkan Sancar

Existence and Decay for the Logarithmic Lame System

56 Neşe Özdemir

Dispersive Shock Waves in the Defocusing Cylindrical modified Korteweg de-Vries Equation

46 Ruken Aksoy

Existence and Nonexistence for the Higher-Order Logarithmic Klein-Gordon Equation

55 Pakize Çetin

Examination of Preservice Mathematics Teachers’ Written Expression Skills for Geometric Objects: Student Diaries

54 Çisem Güneş Aktaş

Arithmetical Reduction of Classification Problems

42 Bayaz Daraby

Bushell-Okrasiaski type inequality for pseudo-integrals

45 Enes Ata

M-extension of Lauricella hypergeometric functions and their integral representations

53 Elif Erçelik

Nonnegative Bias Reduction Methods for Density Estimation Using Scaled Inverse Chi-Squared Kernel Estimator

52 Nilay Şahin Bayram

Some Korovkin theorems for linear operators via Power Series Method

51 Lydial Bouchal

Multiple Fixed Point Results for Sum of Operators and Application

50 Maryam Mohammadrezaee

Woven Continuouse g-Fusion Frames in Hilbert Spaces

49 Muzaffer Ateş

Boundedness of Solutions to a Nonlinear Differential Equation of Fourth-Order

48 Yılmaz Mehmet Demirci

Crumbling Modules as Injectivity Domains

47 Yavuz Dinç

Upper Bounds for the Blow up time for the Kirchhoff-type equation

44 Rodi Ayid

Lyapunov stability analysis of electrical power systems

43 Nil Şahin

Conjectures of Rossi and Sally on the monotonocity of the Hilbert Functions

41 Neriman Kartal

Stability and Bifurcation Analysis of a COVID-19

38 Pınar Şaşmaz

On ωe*-continuous Functions

37 Mustafa Kutay Kutlu

Roth's Theorem on Arithmetic Progression

35 Jasbir Singh Manhas

Boundedness of Sum of Generalized Weighted Composition Operators Between Weighted Spaces of Analytic Functions

34 Betül Güdük İbrahimoğlu

On the Analysis of a Model with Holling Type-III Functional Response Consisting of Super Predator, Intermediate Predator and Prey

30 Tülay Yağmur

On Bicomplex Numbers with Coefficients from Higher Order Fibonacci Numbers

28 Ekin Deliktaş Özdemir

Some Comparisons Between the Effects of Planar and Corrugated Interfaces of a Layer Sandwiched Between Two Half Spaces on SH Wave Propagation

19 N. Rosa Ait-Amrane

A Study on $r$-Fibonacci and $r$-Lucas Hybrid Polynomials

18 Ghania Guettai

A new class of m-(p,q)-Bernoulli polynomials

26 Merve Artıran

Roman Type Domination Parameters of Lucas Cubes

24 Billur Kaymakçalan

Diamond-alpha Pachpatte type dynamic inequalities

23 Zeynep Kayar

Novel delta and nabla Pachpatte type inequalities via convexity

22 Mehdi Rashidi-Kouchi

On Controlled Frame Multipliers in Hilbert Spaces

21 Betül Erdoğan

Cholesky and LU algorithms of Lucas Type Matrices

20 Safak Yeniaydın

Spectral Properties of Some Matrices with Binomial Coefficients

14 Cumali Yaşar

Electronic Signature and Electronic Certificate Generation using Complex Numbers

17 Hamdullah Başaran

Advanced renements of Berezin number inequalities

16 Ramazan Ekmekçi

Almost Continuity and Almost Compactness in Graded Ditopological Texture Spaces

15 Fekadu Tolessa Gedefa

Unimodality of Polygonal Figurate Number Sequences

7 İdris Çiftçi

QSPR Investigation of Leap Randić index of Octanes

6 Süleyman Ediz

On k-total distance degrees and related indices of graphs

12 Gonca Kızılaslan

Factorization of a Statistical Matrix

11 Kerem Gezer

The Voronovskaja Type Theorem for a Class of Kantorovich Type Operators Associated with the Charlier Polynomials I

10 Ritika Singh

Transient response of collinear Griffith cracks in a functionally graded strip bonded between dissimilar elastic strips under shear impact loading

9 Osman Tunç

A Note on Qualitative Behaviors of Solutions of Integro-Differential Equations

8 Mehmet Şerif Aldemir

On the Stratified Domination Number of Generalized Petersen Graphs

5 Abdellatif Boutiara

New investigation for a class of generalized Hilfer Fractional Differential Equations by Fixed Point Methodology

4 Imran Ali

Second Order Partial Differential Evolutionary Equations Driven by Variational-Like Inequalities

3 Melis Berçin Yılmaz

Roman Type Domination Numbers of Fibonacci Cubes


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